Understand Google Panda And Save Your Website

What is Google Panda?

Google Panda is a search algorithm drawn by Google which helps to fight content robbers and spammers. It is similar to Google caffeine but it might not impact to most of users same like caffeine did.

This update is based on an algorithm by Google Engineer Navneet Panda, and therefore the name. Quoting Google, they call it “low quality content sites”. The idea of Google Panda algorithm is to find the low quality content sites on the web and make them appear less on the search results while promoting “high quality content sites”.

More About Google Panda

In order to improve the quality and relevancy of search results Google does several periodic and non-periodic updates to their search algorithm. Google’s search algorithm is based on numerous factors, like number of back links to a website, page loading time, on-site optimization factors etc. But these factors change with time, and hence Google search team’s job is to keep up with all these changing factors and tweak them consequently so that Google users find the search engine results relevant and accurate.

Google Panda

Google Panda is one such factor that that Google has made to their search algorithm in order to make their search results relevant and devoid of spam or non relevant/less quality websites.

How to find out if your website is affected by Google Panda?

You can refer your Google Analytics dashboard, to find out if your site has been affected by Google Panda. Adjust the dates such that they are around February 2011, and see if you have received any drop in traffic around February 22nd or after it. Your organic traffic will have a significant decline if your site has been hit by Google Panda.

It is also evident that some webmasters have also noted that their traffic has increased since the Panda update around February 22nd 2011.

Cautions For Google Panda

The quality of content is the main factor which website owners should be really cautious about. Websites with low quality and unrelated content will be affected by Panda, irrespective of what SEO measures they resort to. For a SEO company, this is the right time to re-evaluate its existing SEO tactics to survive Panda updates in the near future.

You can detect and remove duplicate content from web pages with the help of Google Webmaster Tools.

Web development companies SEO veterans think that web pages with better design and page layout are likely to be favored by Panda over others. But this is not officially announced. However, websites that have not received any update in structure and layout for long can benefit from a revamp. You can seek the help of web application development for revamping your website such that you limit the number of ads.

Hence there is nothing to be scared of Google Panda. All the websites that has been penalized were mostly based on duplicate content, automation and bad UI. Web development India can work on these factors and make sure your site is top quality. That is all what Google finally needs for ranking your site.

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