Ways To Advertise Your Business On Google Adwords


In recent years, it has become increasingly popular to market on the internet. The most popular methods to promote are through social media, banner ads and paid search in Google Ads. Google Adwords is one of the most widely used tools for internet marketing. Google has a market share of 73.1% of the world’s internet users. Other players are Amazon with 12.9% and Microsoft with 6.5%. Amazon is not a major player in the Indian advertising market. It is not without reason that Google Ads is the most widely used tool with these statistics.

Google is also the owner of the world’s largest display network. Through the Google Display Network you have the opportunity to reach over 80% of the world’s internet users. That means you have access to over 2 million websites and over 1 million apps, including Gmail and Youtube.

When there is something we are looking for, or wondering, we often go to Google and search for answers. This is where we look for craftsmen, restaurants or dentists. It’s Google we go to when we look for inspiration when we need to refurbish or travel somewhere. Many of the decisions we make start with a Google search.

It is therefore becoming increasingly important for companies to be where the customer is. The same goes for the shops. We always carry our mobile and we use it often. We have set up many campaigns for our customers and we see on almost all campaigns that most clicks and impressions come from mobile. With so much traffic from mobile, it is important that the website is customized for mobile.


Using Google Adwords gives you more opportunities to reach out with your message. You can use search ads on Google, advertise with display ads on the Google Display Network, or use shopping ads if you have an online store.

Using the right keywords can trigger an ad from your business when someone searches on Google. For many, a good placement is an ad that is among the top results on the first page of Google. This is a very valuable position, and the competition is great to reach the few places at the top. There are several factors that determine if your ad is ranked among the top ones. Bids on the keywords, website, relevance and text of the ads are all factors that determine whether your ad comes at the top when a search is made.


A banner ad is the ads you see on your web pages and online newspapers. It is the squares, rectangles or small ads that shine on you on the website. That is why these ads are so popular. The ads are eye-catching and create engagement among internet users.

Display ads in the Display Network have several uses. Display ads work very well if your company wants to do branding. The ads reach a large group of people and can create a recognition factor. With banner ads, you can reach more people through different channels and media. You can reach a large audience with your banner ads. There are thus more people who want to see the ads. It’s an advantage. You reach out to many people who would otherwise not have sought or been aware of your product or service.


With search ads, you can reach the customer as they search on Google. If there is something the customer is looking for, your ad can appear there and then as the customer searches for the product or service. 89% of the traffic generated through ads on Google will not be replaced by organic search.


These are ads that appear when you do a Google search. There are small pictures that show the price of the product, the price and the business at the top of Google. There are strict requirements for shopping ads and they are suitable for businesses that have an online store. You can get people to your website or to the physical store. With shopping ads, you have the opportunity to show the world what you sell.


As a leading digital marketing agency in India, We can help you set up ads on Google. We at Blazedream are certified in Google Adwords. We are thus qualified to set up ads for our customers. We can help you and your business become visible on Google. We have set up many campaigns over the years and have built up an experience on Google Ads that will benefit our customers.

We can assist with the setup and optimization of the campaigns. We also have designers who can create display ads for your business.

Contact us today if you are curious about how Google Ads can be used for your business.


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