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The internet is famous and accessible that even kids can use it to check their favorite sites. There are so many websites that engage children and increase their mindset through various games and activities. Parents for sure would be happy to see their kids play and be educated using the internet. With parent’s proper guidance on internet, kids will certainly gain knowledge in right way.

Web designers should create excellent websites for kids. Here are some tips while creating kids website.

1. Use bright colors

Most children’s website prefers bright and lively colors to make a cheerful and vibrant feeling. Their senses are stimulated through colors which can also raise the interest among the kids. So usage of bright colors is encouraged.

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2. Use lesser text

Kids usually don’t read much. So you can use lesser text and more images. Avoid articles and make your text to the point.

3. Use attractive pictures

Children can be attracted through pictures as they can understand better with pictures. Hence you can make your website with attractive pictures to drive their attention towards it.

4. Know the age group

In creating a website, it is always significant to know your target audience. Hence, in making websites for kids, you have to categorize based on age group so that you can choose appropriate items and topics to include.

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5. Use animated characters

Characters are certainly effective for kids. Make your website colorful and attractive. You can use characters in your games, too. Kids, who love your animated character and would keep coming back to your site just to see the character move, speak and dance.

6. Have enjoyable learning activities

Aside from interactive games, you can also provide kids with activities like coloring, puzzles and others. Try having some printable things that can be used by the kids in making paper dolls and paper toys.

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7. Create simple navigation

Remember that kids are the main visitors to the site. So, make use of easy and easy navigation that won’t puzzle them. Everything should be easy to them. Prefer large buttons instead of text-based links.

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8. Use music and sounds

It is different when creating a website for kids in India. You can use the mouse hover effect and put a sound when the cursor touches a button. You may also implement music in your website while they are playing some games.

9. Use interesting pre-loaders

Remember that kids are impatient and they do not want to wait for long, but the websites for kids are quite heavy due to several images, games, animations, and others and hence you need to create an interesting pre-loaders.

10. Include a parent’s section

It is necessary you include a parents section in kid’s website as it would mean that a parent’s guidance is always necessary. Parents should be always supervising their kids to use the internet.

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11. Allow them to customize

You can also develop the children’s creativity by giving them the chance to create their own characters, houses, and others. They would enjoy it and keep visiting your website if they see what they desire to have.

Designing best websites for kids is certainly a challenging task and to create interest of the children in order to ensure and retain traffic is an essential part. But you will also feel pleased after seeing your output which can give joy to the kids.





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