Web Development Methodology

Planning and developing a methodology for web development is not a cake walk and making it work is even harder. We design in such a way that our methodologies help you take maximum advantage of the internet technologies.

It’s generally either adopting an existing methodology or adapting from existing methodology, but we do things differently we build our own methodology.

Requirement Gathering:

Analyzing your target markets requirements are the obvious first step that we usually carry out. Who are your website visitors, what will be the purpose of their visit, what is the paramount target of your website, how can your website best cater to their needs etc. We ask many such questions at this stage.

If you already have an existing website, we also analyze factors such as bounce rate, page views, the average time a user spends on your website, top landing pages, existing search engine rankings and many other such factors.

Digitizing The Site:

Based on the needs of your website we collect, screen and look at the current trends in the market to ensure that you have the best of the latest technological components. As a part of this phase, we decide keywords for your website and it’s carried out throughout the website development process.

Web Development:

We’ll send you the detailed design, once we receive acceptance from you we’ll proceed with CMS and code development. After all the development work is done we’ll move it to the testing phase, here the website goes through rigorous testing.

Data Migration:

After the preliminary testing, all the data will be migrated from current website to the new website. In case if you want new contents to be included in your new site, you can give those contents in a word document. The migration process is done manually one page at a time. The contents will be entirely keyword based and we’ll place it in such a way that you can take advantage of the search engine indexes.

Pre-Deployment Phase:

Once the website is completely done we’ll submit your brand new website for final review and feedbacks. Once you’re ok with the website we will deploy it by setting it up on the server.

Handing Over Your Website:

We’ll quality check the website for one last time and handover the control of the site to you. Your website will be submitted to various search engines and directories so that they’ll index your website on their servers.

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