Remember SEO Structure While Creating Web Design

1. URL Structure
An URL addressing the content of the web page should be related to the contents & the keywords used in the page. Try to address the URL considering the inner contents, keywords and title of the web page.

2. Lack of Navigation Support
Don’t assume that the user know everything about your site as they once enter into it. Generally, most of the users find difficulty in searching information & the link they are looking for. So, users need a supportive navigation structure for a web site. Navigation of the website will act as a root for the user to find/search information in a web page. While starting a web design, the main factors to be considered by the designer is that creating an excellent navigation structure for a website. Providing sitemap in website will also act as a navigation for the user.

3. Bad Graphics & Boring Images
Bad graphics and boring images will make the website look clumsy. Ensure that the colors and text used will say about the website standard and quality. Choose interesting graphics, flash, images with attractive colors and fonts

4. Long Scrolling Pages
All important content and the navigation options should be given on the top part of the webpage. A user will scroll the web page, only if they believe that there is something useful at the down.

5. Standard link colors
Set standard link color for the pages that have been visited by the user. Set individual colors for the links not visited, for the links already visited, links that are highlighted from other. It helps the user to differentiate which link is been clicked & which links are already been visited by them. So, while designing consider these point effectively.

6. Using Frames
Try to avoid adding frames in a web page. This is because; it does not display the full page to the user. The user has to scroll & view the content inside the web page. Adding frames to a page causes unnecessary confusion to the users, since it breaks the fundamental user model of the web page. In frames, all of the sudden the user cannot able to bookmark the current page and return to it. The URLs stop working and printouts become difficult.

7. Orphan Pages
Make sure that all pages are created for the purpose and they are linked at least through a navigation or sitemap. Generally, most of the website will contains more number of orphan pages which should be directed towards navigation bar or sitemap.

8. Outdated information
Always provide updated information for the users who visit the website regularly. Because, people always go for latest trends & interesting happenings in the market. At this time, if your website contains old & outdated information or products, then regular visitors try to avoid visiting your webpage.

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