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Individual solutions are our special strength. What we create arises as a unique and therefore particularly effective answer to the specific requirements of our clients.

In addition to modern, finely tuned and responsively designed web business cards, you also have the opportunity to operate your website with a content management system (CMS) tailored exactly to you and your needs. The latter offers you the opportunity to have full editorial access with highly professional design.

It goes without saying that both types of websites use the most up-to-date front-end technologies, such as HTML5, jQuery and CSS3. However, web development can be done quite differently.

Customized Web Development

We develop websites that exactly fit your needs and goals. We advise you personally in advance to choose the type of your website. For your decision we would like to give you some tips:

For websites that have substantially the same content in the future and at the same time place the highest demands on layout and programming, we recommend you to use a static website. This is because highly customized layouts are most adapted to the content. Therefore, a change of the content also leads to a new adaptation of the layout and the individual front-end programming. For this reason, the choice only makes sense if the content is long-lasting. Changes can of course be made, but are more complex than with a CMS.

In addition to the correspondingly lower change effort, content management systems offer you the advantage of making the changes yourself without professional technical know-how. For example, you can independently create pages and posts, exchange logos or upload photos. Our web development in the CMS area attaches great importance to a simple and user-friendly operation in the backend, so that you can concentrate on the most important things. You get exactly the fields and controls you need to set your content. However, should something be unclear, we will gladly train you or modify our programs for you.

Since both solutions have their advantages, we also tailor them to your needs. In this way, we can individually create a website for you that align exactly with your needs and goals in the front and back end

The services you need

BlazeDream- One of the Top Web Development Company in India is happy to take over the content and technological maintenance of your website if necessary. This includes the technical support and the fast, uncomplicated and secure solution of complex problems, as well as the administration and hosting of your system.

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