Follow These Web Development Trends To Grow Your Business in 2018

Web Development technologies are growing at a rapid pace. “Something that was popular yesterday doesn’t necessarily have to be popular tomorrow”, web development trends change every now and then, so you should keep this in your subconscious mind to achieve success.

Your Mark. Your Website

Work with a website that automatically adjusts to fit the style and instructions of your brand. Branding is important for the success of the business.

Launch a professional website, completely customizable and optimized for SEO.

Convert Your Visitors into Customers With Marketing Integration at All Levels.


Referencing Tool

Use SEO tool that integrates with Google to analyze the relevance of your content in real time, so you can attract more visitors with better targeted content.

Optimize your website in such a way that you do not have to worry about 301 technical redirects, page speeds, Google schemas, Twitter maps, sitemaps, and so on.

Call For Action

Make use of call-to-actions on your page to increase your conversion rate: custom forms, pop-ups on closing your page, newsletter subscription button, and more.
Effective Lead Nurturing with marketing automation, all integrated with your CRM.


Test different versions before publishing a page. Launch test campaigns and integrate it with other modules to measure the impact on your leads, revenue, conversion rate, etc.

Follow Your Visitors

Follow the visitors on your site and outside. Measure the performance of your marketing campaigns, whether by email, external sites or social networks.

Tag key pages in one click and be notified automatically in your CRM when your prospects visit these pages. Start a live chat session to contact them in real time when they visit your site.

E-Mail Marketing

From mail acquisition to mass mailing, get everything integrated. Analyze statistics on your emails, from clicks to revenue with full integration between sales and accounting.

Live Chat

Engage directly with visitors to your website to attract leads and boost your online sales.

Engage and Retain Your Audience on All Platforms


Comment at the end of a blog post or annotate paragraphs.
Share easily on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.) and optimize your content strategy.
Highlight a phrase and automatically generate a tweet with one click.

Improve Your Campaigns


Count on statistics and data to send better emails
Be specific and get real-time statistics on every e-mail sent. Make use of a campaign tool that can effectively track your open rate, bounce rate, click rate and improve your overall marketing strategy. Follow the opportunities generated and track the planned revenue.

Track your links

Add tracking code to links in email campaigns and get a complete view of each campaign’s performance.

Calculate your ROI

Track your opportunities through and analyze the conversion rate, expected revenue and revenue generated from each of your campaigns.

Create Automatic & Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Automate your workflow and grow your business
Segment your database to send the right message to the right prospect at the right time. Set up market-centric marketing around your prospects and effectively manage them at every step of your sales flow, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

An Effective Lead Management System


Use an integrated approach to generate, nurture and convert your leads into customers

Lead Generation

Generate leads through your Website, E-mail Marketing and other Campaigns.

Qualification of leads

In CRM, give your prospects a score based on demographic & behavioral criteria and assign the most promising to your sales teams.

Lead Nurturing

Segment your leads based on their goals & interests and have them go through the most relevant maturation campaigns.


You need to be fully committed to the above strategy, even if it takes you out of your comfort zone. This may involve hard decisions, unless you’re prepared to do this, you are at risk by putting your business in a dangerous competitive disadvantage.
So, We request you to regularly revisit and update your business plan that can help remind you of the changing market conditions and the need to respond to them.

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