Have Your Business Reach Heights With Business Catalyst

Business Catalyst is not only a site-building tool but a complete platform that enables you to build robust online businesses to suit your clients, with powerful content publishing, marketing, customer relationship management, and analytics in one comprehensive package whose entire functionality is accessible from any standard browser. Website hosting, content management, e-commerce, e-mail marketing campaigns, and built-in user case management are all compressed into one, so that you with the help of web development company Chennai you can build immerse sites and online stores quickly, at a fraction of the normal cost.

The Business Catalyst Platform acts beneficial to three different sets of users:

Web designers

Web designers are allowed to build online stores and websites with complex functionality with no back-end coding or hosting or deployment configuration; they can edit BC site natively in Dreamweaver (or any browser with an Internet connection).They can also use the BC Partner Portal to manage and invoice the clients.

Small business owners

They can use BC to manage their own businesses. As a small business owner, they have the access to easily update web content, receive orders, send e-mail campaigns, respond to customer inquiries, and run reports all from one integrated dashboard.

Site visitors

When users browse a site built on BC they are allowed to interact with the features to purchase items, view their order history, participate with the online community, log in to members-only zones, and even submit their own content.

General Benefits of Business Catalyst

There are numerous benefits of running your online business on Business Catalyst. You are provided with greater control, all-In-One integrated system and the ability to manage your entire online business via an outstanding Online Business Console. Here we have discussed about few of the benefits.

Manage Your Online Business

Business Catalyst allows you to create and manage your web pages yourself, providing you more control over your site. It is not necessary that you should have knowledge in programming or HTML, yet you can create an unlimited number of web pages, including secured content, web forms, customer forums, and blogs.

Lead Generation

You have the option to easily create custom web forms using an easy point-and-click approach. You can capture every inquiry into an integrated customer management database, so you that never lose a lead. Moreover, Business Catalyst will alert you (via email or SMS) every time you get a new lead or customer and remind you to follow up on leads. With the help of Email Marketing module, you can create and send newsletters and/or email blasts to market to your base and generate new leads.

Improve Customer Service

Business Catalyst not only automates the regular tasks and reminds you to follow up on leads; it also keeps track of every action your customer makes, from a general inquiry to placing an order. Every action is coded such that, it is recorded to your customer’s record and can easily be reviewed through our comprehensive reporting. This acts as a great opportunity to learn more about your customers and react faster to their needs.

Sell Your Products

If you are in need of starting an online store, then business Catalyst allows you do just that, whether you’re selling real or digital products. Through this you can create unlimited products and categories and manage inventory. You are provided with flexible shipping options and your online store is impeccably integrated with your customer database

Send Newsletters

Business Catalyst additionally offers you with an integrated and very effective Email Marketing module. Use email marketing for monthly newsletters or one-off sales announcements is very much effective for way in promoting your business. You can make multiple mailing lists, each one targeted to a specific segment of your customer base.

Build Communities

Without using additional software or programmer, Business Catalyst allows you to easily create and manage your own online communities like forums and blogs. Forums are an excellent way for organic lead generation and positive word-of-mouth. Blogs are more like online journals, where blog owners share their views on their industry and company. Blogs can create loyal followings and ignite great discussions around your company and products.

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