A Discussion about White Hat and Black Hat

White Hat
In search engine optimization terminology, white hat is a technique that is recommended by search engines as part of good web development. White hat SEO refers to the usage of SEO strategies, techniques and tactics focused on the terms and conditions of the search engines. It focuses on the relevancy and organic ranking and produces long time result to the client. As search engine guidelines are not written as a series of rules or instructions, more consideration should be given by the webmaster. More over, in simple words, it is a technique where the content showed to both search engine and end users should be the same.

White hat SEO is merely said as effective marketing making efforts to deliver quality content to improve its website. Some of the white hat techniques are keyword analysis, back linking, link building and writing content for improving the link popularity.

Black Hat
Black hat search engine optimization is defined as technique that involves deception & aggressive SEO strategies, techniques and tactics focusing the search engines and end users. Here, web designers use backdoors, cloaking and other tricks to optimize the website. Some of the black hat techniques are keyword stuffing, invisible text and doorway pages. These techniques are not approved by search engines and referred as spamdexing. Once search engines discover that what they are doing, their websites will be banned.

Search engines may penalize the websites that are discovered using black hat methods either by reducing their rankings or by eliminating their listing from the database. Such penalties will be applied either automatically by search engine algorithms or by manual site review.

Every now and then, search engine algorithms are changed to offer quality search result to the end users. So, it is better for the webmaster to web design the site using the strategies & techniques that insist white hat methods. Try to avoid black hat SEO and offer quality content to the users.

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