We Create And Maintan Responsive Websites & Portals For Brands

Strategy, Conception and Blueprint

As a leading Web Development Company in India, we analyze and develop websites that are easy to use, and that are 100% aligned with the goals of users. At the beginning of the project, we first analyze the needs and the objectives of the users in order to provide a sound basis for implementation. In addition to the frontend, the concept also includes technical requirements for organizing the data. Above all the respective online architecture, navigation options for users and interactive ideas only work together perfectly if they have been developed and planned before implementation.

Screen design and interaction design

For many of our clients, we’ve developed the corporate web design for digital communication, bringing brands to life online, mobile and responsive. Good screen design not only interprets the branding style for the new media, but effectively guides users through a graphical user-guidance system from click to click, targeting conversions and defined goals – be it in your shopping cart, when signing up, or when contacting us. Our main focus is always on providing 100% quality.

Open source applications, CMS systems ( WordPress, Magento, Drupal, etc.,)

For easy maintenance of content we use different technical solutions depending on the requirements of the project. Various platforms and systems of the open source world are used efficiently. We rely on open-source applications, because we do not want to bind our customers to our licenses and want to benefit from the development releases together with you. In addition to WordPress, Magento., proprietary database, backend CMS modules and enhancements also come into play.

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