Website For Kids – The Big Business On Internet Today

In today’s Internet world the age of children gets younger and younger, who are getting online for fun. Parents are now putting their babies as young as two or three-years-old in front of the computer for entertainment. This is because websites of every type are now including special pages on their sites for children, even if their website is not oriented to children otherwise. The reason for this change is that children are big business on the Internet today.

Some tips for designing a children centric website are:

Design according to age group

Children can be divided into three age groups, and each has different interests according to which you must design a website. Children from 3-5yrs are inspired by nature, soothing colors and a variety of graphics in the layout. Hence you can minimize text in website and use 3D animation, sound clips, etc, in the website to make it lively. For Children of 6-8yrs you can use bold texts in the site and offer challenging games to retain their attention. For children of 9-12yrs you can offer character creation games and let them create their own team of superheroes. You can also include features like playing with players all over the world with the help of web development companies.

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Include Interesting Games to Play

Interactive features are also very vital like games and quizzes, but they have to be fun or perhaps interesting if you are aiming the page at older children. You can also design small games or feature games according to the gender of your target audience. For instance, if the website is targeted at girls, you can design a dress-up game, while car racing games will be trendier in a website for boys.

Besides entertainment, you can design educational games like fill-in-the-blanks to make a word. You can also design a “downloads” page and post some coloring pages there. This way, you can make sure when your young audience is not in front of their computers, they are still playing with the stuffs you have provided them with.

Use Bright Colors

Children’s website must be designed colorfully and you can seek the help of web application development india. You can use many bright and lively colors and add lots of pictures in such websites as kids don’t like to read much content. If you prefer to add text, keep it very simple and use large font sizes.

Use More Animated Characters

The mood of the children can be set by Animation, hence you can use animated presentations of their favorite cartoon or comic characters, include sound effects, and make the site interactive. The mouse-over and mouse-click animation is favored by kids.

Design With Easy Navigation

Since children do not know the concept of navigation, the navigation process in your website should be absolutely simple so that children face no difficulty finding what they are looking for.

Make Their Waiting Time Attractive

Due to the heavy use of graphics and Flash animation; children’s websites take a lengthy time to load. To facilitate them wait patiently till your site gets loaded, you should design interesting pre-loaders. Pre-loaders can provide attractive graphics that can hold kids’ attention and prevent them from closing the browser window.

An interactive website is a good compromise for parents who want homework or home educations to continue while out of school, where the children of course just want to play. So through these types of websites the child will actually enjoying playing but will subconsciously be learning. If you want to start a business, these types of websites are good one and you can get your websites designed through .net development companies.

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