AngularJS is gaining much momentum in Web Development

AngularJS is a Javascript framework that lets you extend HTML diction for your application. The fully extensible toolset works great with several libraries. Its features can be easily modified to adapt to your development workflow. The framework is used to develop cross platform Mobile Applications

The framework is used on several leading websites, NBC, Intel, Wolfram Alpha and Walgreens to name few among the million sites tested last year.  It was designed to provide structure throughout the building of an application, from designing the User Interface, through writing down the script to testing the application. AngularJS delivers great scalability and productivity infrastructure, which can support Google’s huge applications.

Why you should develop your web application using AngularJS?

Across Platforms:

By building your web application using Angular, you can significantly reuse the code to build applications for any targeted platforms (For web, mobile, native mobile and desktop).

Achieve Better Speed:

Achieve the maximum speed and performance for your applications through server-side rendering and web workers using AngularJS. You can also attain great control over scalability and also by building data models on immutable.js or rxjs you will be able to meet data requirements efficiently. The applications developed using AngularJS load quickly with Component Router. This router delivers automatic code splitting to help developers to load only the code required.

Incredible Templates:

You can instantly build features by using their simple templates. As a developer you can also extend the built-in template language with your components and also use a variety of arrays of existing components. With such incredible features you can simply create amazing applications for cross platforms.


With AngularJS you can easily create UI views with its simple yet powerful template syntax. The framework provides command line tools for better creation, testing components to enable quick deployment.

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