BlazeDreams Web Portal Project Methodology

  • Are you a web design or web development or web hosting company?
  • For what budget you typically work with?
  • What type of technologies my project will be undertaken?
  • Are the websites you developed are cross-browsers compatible?
  • What other services you’ll offer?
  • How expertise you are in this field?
  • Do you conduct usability testing on my website?
  • Can I see some of your latest web design projects?

 Typically, a client cum end-users will have certain set of queries in their mind before they enter into a project with a web development company. What ever the case may be! Regardless of scope or complexity, in BlazeDream every web project will goes through a series of agile methodology to fine-tune our process and derive best results. We support a full cycle development process from requirements definition, architecture design, documentation, user interface, coding, testing, client review, site launch and maintenance (if necessary).

 Our Process Includes:

 Requirement & Proposal

o Requirement Gathering

o System Study

o Proposal & Quote

o Project Sign-Off & Approval

  Plan & Documentation

o Project Plan

o Documentation (Wireframe, SRS, DD, etc…)

 User Interface

o User Interface Design


o Search Engine Optimization


o Code Development

o Quality Control


o Beta Launch (UAT)

o Client Site Review

o Site Launch

 Requirements Analysis

The important task in a web development portal is extracting the requirements or doing a requirement analysis for the project. The scope of the project will be defined regarding the approaches to be made to deliver the process on time. It involves client planning meeting, stakeholder identification, system study, proposal & quote and finally project sign off & approval.

 Input: Interviews with clients, Mails & supporting docs by the client, Discussions Notes, Online chat, recorded telephone conversations, Model sites/applications etc.,

 Plan & Documentation

The second phase of our methodology includes detailed identification and task assignment for each team until the end of the project. It includes risk analysis, definition of criteria and how the project successfully delivered. This stage our methodology will be project plan & documentation (Wireframe, SRS…) and so on.

 User Interface

The purpose of building user interface in a project is to create an easy navigation of websites which is the basis of generating more traffic and business for the website. Our user interface model is inclusive of well build user interface design, friendly HTML tags & pages and search engine optimization.


The most important issue of the project stage is development stage which ensures that the project activities are properly executed and controlled. Our expert’s quality control testing throughout the process ensures the successful completion of the project. Our development process includes code Development and quality control.


Once, the project reaches the completion stage and the development team ensures the formal project closure notification, we move the project for client review with beta version. Finally the website/project will be launched once the client approves. The process of deployment incorporates beta launch (UAT), client site review and site launch.

 The final Step

Our web development team will thoroughly test the site to ensure an optimum user experience and finalize the website launch.

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