Yahoo Mail Has Configured New Sign-In Page

Yahoo! Mail is configured with a new email sign-in page which is looking very different and much more functional than the previous one. Other pages like mail box, user interface are looking same.

The main display page of YMail includes integration with various social networking websites like Facebook and the rest of the pages are unchanged.

Only the sign-in page has been changed, it is expected that Yahoo mailbox will take some time to display the new edition soon.

Once, for many users Yahoo was a very good email service provider, but later users shift to Hotmail and then Google. The entry of Gmail has created a big revolution for users to shift from Yahoo or Hotmail to Google. Yahoo takes the competition seriously and decided to change better Yahoo! mail and get its users back.

Yahoo mail is one of the largest web based email service provider started in 1997. It is also known as Y! Mail.

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