Build an Agile Android Application for a Solid Future

Innovation is our playground

We mobilize our technical expertise to think and develop digital solutions tailored to meet the challenges of digital transformation.

Our Android Application Development approach is driven by enthusiasts of technology and actors of innovation. At BlazeDream- a leading Mobile App Development Company in India, we devote 10% of our time to Research & Development: we test, create, and invent tomorrow's digital solutions at the heart of our Lab.

As an expert in mobile strategy, our android app developers enable you to best serve your clients and employees by imagining and realizing innovative mobile devices for customer relations, commerce and services of tomorrow.

Android App Development Company Delhi

Technological change is our daily routine. Following the trends of mobile first is our credo.

Mobile App Development Company Delhi Identifies the best-in-class technologies for you that meet your requirements (budget, fluidity, interconnection SI) and thus avoids generating a technical debt from the beginning of your project.

Our experts are in constant watch and studies on all innovations and technological developments in this changing world of digital. We enlighten advice, guide and recommend you in this broad technological environment, to allow you to make the best choices with regard to your needs, your objectives, your constraints for the success of your project.

Our methods of work at BlazeDream ensure you agility, reactivity, proximity, transparency, rigor and quality. Our Android app developers provide unique experience for your users.

Our technological biases, which we deliver through mobile first projects:

Native technologies: Android, iOS (Objective-C and Swift 3)

Cross Platforms: Xamarin, React Native

Web & Hybrid: Angular & ionic, React & Native React

Our software biases:

SDKs or third-party components

MBaaS solutions

CMS of the market

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