Application Development - Increasing Requirements Easier to Solve

Against the backdrop of global competition and new policies, the demands on your mobile applications are changing with increasing speed. With our individual and turn-key application development, modernization and integration as well as solutions for mobile enterprise, your organization always remains up-to-date and in line with the latest requirements.

You also benefit from our consulting services ranging from project management, design and conception to implementation and maintenance. Our core technologies include Microsoft and Java. We’ve also provided support to Android App Development Company UK. Thanks to our complete integration offer, the costs can be reduced by up to 50% in the planning, analysis and coarse design for integration projects.


Native Apps

In the steadily growing number of apps, an interesting idea as well as a good implementation is crucial for the success. We can offer you the platform-specific implementation for iOS or Android. This allows maximum performance and full utilization of the hardware.

Platform-wide development

Supporting multiple platforms does not necessarily have to drive the development effort. Through the skillful use of cross-platform frameworks like Adobe AIR, PhoneGap or HTML5, we can save costs and increase the reach of your app.

Mobile web

When traveling with the smartphone, the user gets a more direct and easy access to the website without having to forego information. We ensure that your editors do not have to maintain content more than once.

We advise you in selecting the right technology and develop the right strategy for the implementation of your goals.

Project and process management

Individual customers require individual processes. We tailor our processes optimally according to customer and project requirements. Here, we primarily rely on agile methodology, but also rely on classical project management methods such as the waterfall model.

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