Everything You Need To Know About Google’s New : Gallery ADs

Google is a dynamic search engine that constantly brings new updates and improvements. They do this to promote the user experience, and to find what you are looking for in the world’s largest search engine.This year, Google has released another update: Gallery Ads. This allows Google users to get more visual search results.

What are Gallery Ads?

In May 2019, the search engine giant Google introduced a product called Gallery Ads, which is their latest idea in Google Ads.

A Gallery Ad is simply an ad presented as a photo carousel. This way, you can advertise multiple products at once and let the user swipe through your products or services, without having to visit your website.

This is also an excellent opportunity for businesses that generally base their marketing on good images, such as travel agencies, restaurants or photographers, to improve their Google Ads marketing.

Benefits of Using Gallery Ads

Colors have psychological effects on us, and we are attracted to colors and visual effects. It is both created by the environment and our own associations, and we like to see pictures of what we want or associate with. Therefore, your Ads can be more effective with Gallery Ads!

Gallery Ads Can Also Give You an Advantage Because:

  • The current generation is more attracted to visual content than text-based content.
  • We remember 80% of what we see compared to 20% of what we read.
  • The brain processes the information it receives from an image 60,000 times faster than when we read a text.
  • Pictures can give a better first impression.

Device Compatibility

Google Gallery Ads for now are only targeted to smartphones and other smart devices with a narrower format, and is not yet available to everyone

Hopefully we can use Gallery Ads on all devices soon!

Facebook: First Out With Carousel Ads

We already have similar gallery ads on both Facebook and Instagram. Facebook was first out with carousel ads.

And it has proven to be very effective! Especially because you can use retargeting in sponsored items. In this way, marketers have been given the opportunity to use remarketing in a whole new way through Facebook ads. Carousel ads allow you to promote multiple products, services, or pages at the same time, often increasing your conversion rate.

Carousel Ads Are Effective Because:

  • You give the user several options in an ad.
  • The user reaches the product in just one step.
  • You can promote both, those who are at the beginning of the purchase funnel and those who are in the end, in one ad.
  • You combine images with effective text and CTA buttons.

We haven’t seen much about Google Gallery Ads yet, and so far the feature has only been available from mobile.

But we believe Gallery Ads will have the same effect as Facebook’s carousel ads as they become more popular and accessible to use.

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