Content Marketing is the new corporate discourse

BlazeDream has grown significantly since its beginning in 1999. BlazeDream’s head office in Chennai is the workplace for approximately 100+ employees. We believe that your project would benefit from our easily accessible colleagues with greater social interaction.

Previously, companies produced a general - interest commercial message and concentrated on disseminating it to maximize reach, gain maximum views or impressions, and in return expected commercial spin offs. But the world has changed. With search engines and ease of access to information, B to B (Business to Business) and B to C ( Business to Consumers) prospects are now able to search for information that interests them and avoid the rest, advertising, calls, business solicitations. Content marketing is a sustainable alternative to meet these new challenges.

Content Marketing, Fuel of Lead Generation

As a leading Digital Marketing Agency in India, we create content that makes sense. Optimized websites are used here to generate traffic and the conversion devices (call to action, landing pages, forms, etc.) are continuously improved. However, all visitors are not necessarily interested in buying or requesting a quotation, and it is interesting to offer them other premium content such as case studies or white papers. In other words, some content allows us to attract visitors to our website, and others help us to convert them into qualified contacts!

Content Marketing Agency USA

Marketing Content For Your Business Success

BlazeDream produces content of all types and formats. These different media allow us to feed our customers 'inbound marketing campaigns, by marking their prospects' purchasing path. With our network, we have offered support to SEO services Agency USA. Our marketing consultants and content writers are able to offer a variety of content.

Writing Static Web Pages

The presentation pages of your website must be emphasizing your business, while using the language of your buyer personas. Entrusting this work to us on the basis of a part of a web redesign can ensure you use a tone that is right and in tune with the expectations of your target audience. We will be able to directly include the best practices regarding SEO and encourage your readers to the conversion.

Writing Blog Articles and Dynamic Content

Feeding our client’s corporate blogs is a core business of BlazeDream. These contents make it possible to demonstrate expertise, feed social media activities and strengthen natural referencing, all the ingredients to develop the traffic of a website. Our articles are written by our internal content writers and BlazeDream manages these projects in their entirety, from the editorial line, to integration through several validation steps.

Making marketing content on a regular basis is a huge workload and you may not have teams or know how to do it. It is within this framework that BlazeDream intervenes by producing an expert content in all formats for you. As technical as your industry may seem, you can still outsource at least part of your content production to us.

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