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Ensuring Reliable Content Availability to Potential Users


Content Raven leverages Cloud Computing and Hosting Solutions to a Whole New Level


Content Raven a leading provider of Customer Training, Partner Enablement, Sales Enablement and Onboarding in India. They provide solutions for secure content distribution, content analytics, digital learning, interactive training environment, API integration and content distribution across platforms.


Content Raven has approached BlazeDream to formulate a cost effective framework to securely distribute distinct content type to any device within private cloud of an enterpriseso that only specific individuals, user groups, business units can gain access to it.

Security was a big hurdle to counteract, for distributing corporate information including images, videos,subscription-based content a highly confidential framework was required. They lacked a platform to integrate corporate documents and files in a particular location for easy access.

To remain competitive in the digital world, Content Raven believed to embrace rapidly emerging mobile landscape. Being a comprehensive platform, Content Raven wanted to entail mobile app development platform for flexible, manageable and secure communication with their clients and also to reach the potential users significantly.

Content Raven requested for a viewer, so our professionals came up witha software that supports different document formats, in such a way that the end users can view, store and manage any file type across the cloud.


Content Raven, is a leading provider of content distribution and storage for the corporate establishments in the country. Having years of experience in web application development, BlazeDream delivered a secure file distribution solution to Content Raven.

Building a Framework Content Raven emphasized the need for developing a framework that supports viewing of documents/ files in different formats. BlazeDream formulated a file sharing software for Content Raven, which enabled enterprises to share and save pictures, documents and videos in a private cloud to be viewed and edited by specific associates and clients dispersed geographically.

Secure File Sharing The private cloud ensured highest levels of security, integrity, control and availability of enterprise content through its secure file sharing environment. Thus we were able to reduce the risks associated with data exposure and leakage.

Managing Private Cloud The information in the private cloud was designed in such a way that you can store and manage any file type and share it to anyone within the cloud. Moreover the content would be automatically updated, regardless of the destination of the file.

Mobile Enterprise Application With many users switching to mobile platform, we developed a mobile version of the software to access content from anywhere and also to help our client achieve better targeted customers.

File Customization The developed system included the ability to watermark contents as part of file upload process. The new system also enabled the end users to set customized names for the files transferred across the cloud.


With our diverse expertise in mobile technology, we delivered a highly secure platform for content distribution. The new framework helped Content Raven discover more Multinational clients across the globe including RSA, EMC2, VMware and Mondelez.

An integral part of any enterprise is managing access to corporate resources, which was successfully streamlined by BlazeDream. Individuals, user groups and business units were able to access internal corporate information with great flexibility and ease.

The existed framework had a few technical glitches, which was later fixed by BlazeDream that improved the overall productivity of content raven.

The existed product was converted to a framework, which ensured easier access and management of corporate information within the scope of an enterprise.

By leveraging our expertise in web development, BlazeDream revamped the company’s website by maneuvering currenttechnologies that helped them in nurturing better leads.

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