One of the biggest and most exhaustive online shopping portal in India.


Background is one of the biggest and most exhaustive online shopping portal in India and a subsidiary of Flagship newspaper “The New Indian Express”.

Indiavarta the largest e-commerce marketplace in the country sells wide range of original products at affordable prices. This E-commerce portal let’s you shop everything in one place, at one time. They have tied up with several vendor clusters to sell the best products and services for lowest prices. With its successful progress India Varta finds a need of updating its e-commerce website.


After a detailed and extensive explore, Indiavarta chose BlazeDream to customize and integrate its existing system. At first, the site was not performing as per expectations, the technology used was clumsy, was not impressive too and the operations used found it quite difficult to monitor customer satisfaction.

They were not happy with the way their website looked and found it awkward as the product section was displayed in an uncategorized manner. Initially the products, banners, advertisements and categories sections were scattered and the operating system was not able to support its growing business.

As the site dominates the internet market, it should show its presence and ensure that it can easily be accessed by multiple users simultaneously. After a logical selection process, BlazeDream was their obvious first choice to change their website’s modulation and presentation.


After a thorough review of Indiavarta, BlazeDream encountered that the website used outdated technologies and the physical look of the existing system was not impressive to attract audience. The strategy adopted by Indiavarta, couldn’t achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.

Understanding the client situation and needs, BlazeDream has emphasized the need of optimizing its ecommerce portal to engage and elevate its users online experience to next level.

The new website developed by BlazeDream is a fully automated online store, offering physical store experience and data flow across the website. The upgraded system was designed with banners, panels and directories to categorize the website’s products to create great interface for visitors.

BlazeDream developed highly intuitive web application using AJAX to enhance the User Interface and elevate traffic volume of the website significantly. The admin of the upgraded system was provided full access and control over the website.


At the initial stage, Indiavarta’s website was clumsy with banners, categories and advertisements scattered across the website giving it an unimpressive and repulsive look. The new system upgraded the distinct categories of the site giving it a more professional and appealing look.

The shopping directory was also optimized making it easy for the customers to place order in Indiavarta. The updated shopping directory now updates the products and services quickly.

The process for ‘becoming a vendor’ with Indiavarta was made simple with the new system. All that was needed to become a registered vendor with Indiavarta was to fill and submit a simple form.

The importance of SEO friendly website is undeniable, so we restructured the website with the latest digital marketing standards.

Tracking the orders placed by the customers was made feasible. Separate login for customers enabled easy order tracking, delivery note, order details and history of the order.

Earlier the customers faced hassles while placing orders with the website. In the upgraded system, the payment mode was made easy. The customers can make payments in any mode and in the event of unavailability; the amount will be refunded by the website.

A separate section for newsletters was added as part of digital marketing, to increase the audience for the website.

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