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BlazeDream’s head office in Chennai is the workplace for approximately 100+ employees. We have earned respect by taking the time to look at issues through the eyes of our client’s and provide products & services of real benefit. We demonstrate integrity in action, at every level, every day. Doing what is right for our clients is what is there at the heart of every decision we make.

Our regional office is located in India, housing over 100+ dedicated team members. Besides our main office in Chennai, we have a new office at wembley, UK. We help our clients in Architecture, Framework Selections, High & Low Level Designs, End to End New Development, Reengineering, Deployment, Remote Advisory, Maintenance and Production Support.

What are apps?

The term app is derived from the English term "application" for application and describes various categories of software. In addition to browser apps for installation on the PC or standalone programs under Windows 8, app (or mobile app) usually includes software for smartphones and tablets, which expands the range of functions of the corresponding device. These extensions range from games and fitness programs to office apps and guides to remote controls for other electronic devices such as televisions, amplifiers, or cameras. With a team of 150+ experienced Android developers, our Android App Development Company San Francisco build top-notch mobile apps for businesses.

Today, there are over one million mobile apps sold mainly through the app stores of the leading smartphone or operating system vendors like Google Play or the App Store for Apple iOS. iOS App Development Company New York developers have to transfer part of their revenues to the respective app store operators. Although new apps are released every day and the market is constantly growing, success stories such as the popular WhatsApp Messenger are an absolute exception.

Today, iOS apps are increasingly being used in business context to optimize business processes by connecting corporate networks and mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. For example, employees can edit business emails or access internal databases using a corporate smartphone or iPad. Another typical area of application is specialized apps for field workers who are able to retrieve current tasks via their mobile devices as well as deliver real-time results to the appropriate head office. This eliminates, on the one hand, the time for manual tuning by telephone or on the spot, on the other hand, collected data must only be recorded once and synchronized directly with the central database via app.

Looking for an iOS app developer?

Are you looking for an iOS app programmer or developer? BlazeDream, a leading Mobile App Development Company India, can help you find a suitable software developer with a focus on apps. You have two options: search for yourself in our database or ask us to look for the right expert. Just tell us your requirements and we will take care of the rest.

By leveraging our in-house talent and a proven agile methodology, we specialize in the development of iOS and Android applications for global businesses. Whether it's a small project to map specific functions or to realize a large project, we are always on hand to assist you. Our iOS app development company San Francisco will not only help you to develop your app, but also realize a good launch and help you with the marketing.

Our range of services includes:

  • Definition of goals

  • Project planning & organization

  • Development of the application

  • Updates and extensions

  • App Launch and beyond Delivery and further support in the form of Maintenance.

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