Our Mobile app developers deliver solutions that work seamlessly across platforms

Located on the southwest side of Chennai, India, we ensure to provide astounding end-to-end, enterprise-class IT solutions for our clientels. With years of experience in Information technology, we have built strong, long-lasting partnerships with some of the best high-end brands.

There are nearly four million applications available in the Android and Apple application stores. In order to grab the attention and interest of the customers for your brand, it’s essential to create a highly compelling mobile application.

App Development and Realization

Cross-Platform Apps

We develop Cross-platform apps using the Xamarin framework. Developing through Xamarin is the solution to limiting development times and maximizing spread, for apps that need to be present on all platforms. Using C # language, we create apps with native user interfaces and suitable for each operating system.

Web App

We make web apps that can seamlessly run on all mobile platforms.We use technologies such as HTML5, Javascript and CSS for creating web applications. A web app simulates the appearance of a native app, but uses the device browser and requires an internet connection for proper functioning. They are therefore only accessible online in responsive mode. The hardware and software interaction of the device is very limited as it does not interfere with the operating system APIs.

Hybrid App

We build Hybrid App for all mobile platforms.They propose it as an intermediate solution between App Native and Web App: Hybrid apps are installed on the device and at the same time using Web language such as HTML5 and Javascript. They are easily replicable on different operating systems and partly use native platform language. They can be published on official stores but have less fluidity and performance than native apps. They have limited access to the operating system and hardware of the device.

Our professional application development team successfully create complex business solutions for different sectors:

  • Telecommunications

  • Banking and Finance

  • Retail and e-commerce

  • Health and Sport

  • Education and Marketing

  • Mobile Games

  • Advertising

We will support you from the initial phase of analysis and design of the smartphone and tablet application to the distribution and publication of the application development Paris at AppStore.

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