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Do you want to expand your business in your local market? You are in the right place! We are a leading Digital Marketing Company in Chennai, Our team of experts specializes in local referencing. Our SEO consultant will assist you to develop the visibility of your company in your catchment area. Referencing requires the implementation of a precise methodology, and we apply the same high-end treatment to all our clients.

Keyword audit and Competitive analysis:

Any good SEO work begins with an audit of keywords. Our best experts determine the most relevant keywords and have the most potential for your business. Based on this study we will analyze all your competitors (on the first page of Google) in order to develop a strategy adapted to your particular case. This step is essential to the successful completion of a SEO campaign, as this study will depend on all of the following.

Optimization (On-Page) of your Website

Once we have a clear idea of your goals in terms of keywords and competition, we will tackle the perfect optimization of your website for SEO. We are talking about creating pages (one page per keyword targeted and by city / region), optimization of Meta tags (useful only for SEO). Then we will optimize your text content, your images, your URLs, your page titles and so on, in short nothing will be left to chance.

Netlinking and Referencing (Off-Page): Creating High Quality Links

The netlinking (linking to your website) is the most important factor in the eyes of Google. Without netlinking, there are no results in SEO! Content is important for site optimization, but what places a website in the TOP 3 of Google is the links, links and always links.

Our SEO consultants have extensive experience in netlinking adapted to a company that needs local visibility. Comments, directories (global, specialized or local), partnerships, guest articles, sponsored articles, etc. are part of our everyday life.

Social Media Marketing and Referencing

Referencing does not stop solely with Google or Bing. Today social networks are an integral part of the SEO routine. As a top most Social Media Optimization Agency in Chennai, we approach social networks with one goal in mind: generate more leads. It is not about sharing alluring photos to win likes, but to use the massive power of social media to reach all prospects in your city / region!

Being present on the web is one thing, being seen is another.

Indeed, your prospects and existing customers will be able to find you on the internet, since in your communication (business cards, packaging of your products, signature of email, etc ...) you mention the address of your web site.

But when the prospect with whom you have never established a relationship, or who has simply forgotten your existence, and who is looking for a product or service in a geographical area or on the net, via a search engine ? This is why you need SEO. Our SEO Company in Chennai plays a critical role in reaching out to masses. SEO will help you to be seen by this prospect.

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