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With a legal head office in Chennai, India, our skilled resources are highly engaged in building secure and customized web and mobile solutions for global clients. With 19+ years experience in information technology, we specialize in developing website design and development, mobile websites, digital marketing and communications strategies.

Founded in 1999, BlazeDream is a major player in Web promotion marketing. The agency supports you in the innovation, the realization and the diffusion of your operations to generate qualified profiles and increase your turnover. Thanks to a confirmed and operational team, the agency takes a 360 ° view on the strategy of its customers by proposing the best levers of acquisition. We ensure a distribution on a premium network at national and International level.

More traffic. No more leads. More business.

We are experts in acquiring targeted traffic and generating incoming leads via the internet.Our technology identifies the optimal themes to maximize traffic acquisition.

BlazeDream revolutionizes digital marketing through an innovative technology to identify all topics that interest your prospects and customers and qualify each theme for you to mediate strategically between them. This translates into more targeted traffic, more incoming leads,and morebusiness.

With our technology we have offered services to Web Promotion Company Hong Kong. Through our web promotion activities you will be able to improve the understanding of your target segment and optimize the return on investment of your digital strategy. The work carried out makes it possible to increase the traffic of your site without common measure, but also to establish the expertise of your company on the internet.

Audit of your site:

We analyze your site according to several criteria (design, SEO, conversion etc.) and make recommendations to improve it, in order to maximize its effectiveness as part of a digital strategy.

Development of the digital strategy:

Depending on your choices, we develop a strategy and prepare a detailed editorial calendar to provide your visitors and potential customers with attractive, useful and interesting content for them.

Managing content creation:

We assign the article topics to our editors and track progress, to ensure you have high quality content that will bring results, and published on time.

Optimizing your editorial content:

We ensure that your content is optimized for your visitors, but also the search engines by respecting best practices of SEO optimization.

Promoting your content:

We promote your content on social networks according to your target audience (Google+ communities, LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, newsgroups, etc.). We can also promote them on your social networking pages.

Results analysis:

We regularly measure and analyze the results obtained, in order to identify what works particularly well and to replicate these successes. We also make adjustments where the need arises.

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