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W.T. SeaAir, the leading global supply chain solution delivers innovative logistics solutions with unparalleled levels of commitment. Established in 1963, W.T. SeaAir involves in the process of logistics i.e. the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods, services, and related information from point of origin to point of consumption for the purpose of conforming to customer requirements.

W.T. SeaAir offers state-of-the-art logistics and supply chain management services across the globe.


W.T. SeaAir has a global infrastructure of resources to provide core intermodal services of shipping, air cargo and road distribution complemented by logistics, supply chain management, duty management, cool chain and courier services. All they wanted was an integrated IT platform to carry out their services swiftly.

W.T. SeaAir has been dealing with all elements of goods transportation from factory point of origin to destination shop floor irrespective of complexity, size and scale. The technology was clumsy and the operations were difficult to support the customer satisfaction. Also, the site was able to support only limited product catalog. W.T. SeaAir plays a successful role in the internet market, but still they wanted to improve their logistics and supply chain management services, so they chose BlazeDream for updating an application for the progress of WTSA Sea Rates Management Services.

They were in need of a robust application to generate quotation that helps to index quotes for the consignments being tracked.


W.T. SeaAir realized the importance of launching the sea rates application in the website which not only improves their consignment process, but also boost their online shipping process and overall profit margin. After a detailed and careful selection process, W.T. SeaAir partnered with BlazeDream to build an application for generating quotations to the customers. With BlazeDream’s rate engine application, the W.T. SeaAir is able to manage its various consignments tracking effortlessly.

This application helps to set the quotation for the goods and services required by the customers. Using this application customer can place order from anywhere across the globe. Based on the requirement, the SeaAir can contact with various shipping lines and agents to quote the price for booking the shipment. Finally, with regard to the quotes of the shipping lines / agents, the W.T. will set quotation to the customer.

Separate login process is provided to the customers based on the user categories. Here, the customers can view their quote details, orders and other consignment related details. Blazedream implements the rate engine solutions with the web application framework - aps.net and oracle database. BlazeDream’s rate engine acts as a system database for customer’s orders, shipment quotes, supplying immediate pricing and inventory data for online display and managing order details throughout the sales cycle.


Considering the client’s requirements and constraints, BlazeDream designed “WTSA Sea Rates Management System”, to generate quotes for the shipments made.

Having successfully launched WTSA Sea Rates Management System, we have planned to set up “WTSA Air Rates Management System” for customers who desire to make delivery through “Air”. After the integration of the application, W.T. SeaAir is able to track the customers who registered for logistics and expand its user base.

With BlazeDream’s rate engine application, the W.T. SeaAir is now managing its various consignments tracking quiet easily.

WTSA Sea Rates Management System offers some of the following benefits

  • Generating fast quotation

  • Easy Access Of Rates Management System

  • Comparison of Rates

  • Quick Response

  • User based access

  • Increased Sales

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